Unlike many other cities in developed nations, Sydney remains ostensibly untouched by the environmental by-products that concern other large communities. Pristine and white, no geodesic domes mark the spare elegance of Sydney’s skyline, and the sky itself is always a deep blue, gently studded with white clouds.

In reality, Sydney is just as subject to the environmental concerns of any large metropolis. Unlike any other metropolis however, Sydney maintains a carefully maintained veneer of perfection. Having marketed itself as the playground of the idle rich with the advent of high-speed international travel, Sydney is now a carefully crafted fantasy city of blue surf and white beaches. Carefully maintained by low-orbit weather satellites, cultivated algal blooms and a nocturnal community of janitorial staff, Sydney is now one of the most exclusive holiday destinations on the planet.

This perfection has come at a cost, however. Outside the city centre, poverty is rampant, and regular checkpoints prevent the entry of common riff-raff. Moreover, the weather satellites only maintain weather patterns within a five kilometre radius of the city centre; due to the limitations in weather control, areas beyond that radius are regularly struck with storms of such unspeakable magnitude that vast swathes of Greater Sydney are little but rubble.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the rarified environment has proved particularly hospitable to a certain kind of criminal element. Unlike Chiba City or New York City, Sydney is not a technological or cultural hub, nor is it a financial hub like Hong Kong-Macau. It is, however, the location par excellence for designer drugs, black-market simstims, bio-engineered pit fights and other diversions for bored glitterati.


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