Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis

Officially dubbed the Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis (BAMA), denizens know it as the Sprawl. A vast web of interlocking geodesic Fullerine domes, the Sprawl straddles almost the entire eastern seaboard of continental North America.

With a population in excess of 1.7 billion inhabitants, BAMA is the last remaining political vestige of the United States of America, vast swathes of the Southern and Western States having seceded to the Pacific Commonwealth, the Midwestern Confederacy or sold to Mexico in the Texas Purchase.

A hub of culture and technology, the Sprawl (along with Japan and Hong Kong-Macau) has an economic hegemony over Earth and most of the Sol colonies. Vast amounts of material and data is trafficked through the Sprawl, and it is often said that the Sprawl’s black and grey markets exceed its white market by several orders of magnitude. Aiding this vast economy of information and illicit goods is the 33th Amendment, wherein the rights to cognitive liberty, morphological freedom, and procreative liberty are protected under the BAMA Constitution.

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Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis

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